25 Oct2022-23 Native English Teacher (Mr. John Rawlinson)

My name is John Rawlinson and I am delighted to be the Native English Teacher at FHMSS. I have been a teacher since 1998 and have taught in the UK, Spain, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Myanmar and, of course, Hong Kong. I have lived in Hong Kong since 2006 and I am happy to call it my home now. I enjoy working with our students very much and I feel I can learn as much from them as they can from me. They inspire me to create interesting and fun lessons for them and I hope they can learn as much about the world as they can about English from me. If you see me around the campus, please say hi!

01 Sep2022-2023 English Department

Mr. Ki, Ms. Au, Mr. Ho, Ms. Li, Ms. Chow, Ms Tsui, Mr. John

17 JunSpecial Holiday Assignment Performance

Students are rewarded for their effort in completing their Special Holiday Assignment. Thanks for the gifts!

17 JunAfrica Center Hong Kong: Secondary School Programs

To enable students to appreciate and understand the plurality and complexity of African literatures, cultures, religions, foods and peoples.

15 NovMessage from NET

Greetings everyone! I have now happily started my third year working at FHMSS and now I know most of the students. This makes things a bit easier for me as we are used to one another, but I still have a lot of names to learn with the new Form 1. FHMSS students continue to surprise me with their willingness and ability to speak English. Most students can say at least something to me which is wonderful, as after many years here I am ashamed to say I can only speak a few words of Cantonese. So well done everyone! The last academic year was very difficult for everyone in Hong Kong, especially those with relatives overseas, as we could not travel anywhere during the holidays, not even Macao or Mainland China. I still had a lovely time during all the holidays in Hong Kong, but it was difficult not to see my friends and family for such a long time. My husband had to leave at Christmas 2020 and we didn’t meet again until July. Finally, I made it back to London and Cyprus for a very busy time, especially important for me as my husband’s mother is now 101 years old. I also saw several elderly relatives as well as many of my friends whom I had not seen for a year. I am looking forward to this year of teaching and excited at all the challenges I shall face.

02 Nov2021-2022 Penmanship Competition

Junior forms (Winners)

Elvis Chong 2A

Senior forms (Cursive) : Winners

Ngai Chai Wui 5A

Senior forms (Winners)

Loh Sau Tsun Zachary 5A
Leung Hiu Ching 6A
Cheng Chung Hang 4A

30 SepS4 Love to learn- colouring activities

Students learn to read with their colourful work.

30 SepEnglish Panel members


Au Siu Mui Rebecca- Panel, teaching S2, S4 & S6

Ho Pak Tung Eastern – Assistant panel, teaching S1, S3 & S4

Li Tin Wai Vicky – teaching S1, S2 & S6

Chow Po Sum Viola- teaching S1, S4 & S6

Law Ming Ha – teaching S3 & S5

Marnie Evans – teaching S2, S3 & S5

Lam Yim Kwan – teaching S5

Ki Yu Tin – teaching Speaking

15 SepWelcome to the English Department (2021-2022)

Love to learn, learn to love

Welcome back to school! We strive to provide a relaxing and safe environment for students to learn English. We also believe that students can improve their self-esteem and confidence during the lessons.

26 May2020-2021 Anti-Drug Poster Design Competition